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Copperhead collaborates with best in-class brands across a broad range of Industries to bring timeless products to market.

Our consumer brand, Heartwood, is a heavenly hybrid of Indian sandalwood, clean beauty brands and wellbeing experiences. Not your average beauty retailer, Heartwood’s concept store in the breezy coastal suburb of Cottesloe, Western Australia, is a feast for the senses, bringing the ancient rituals of Indian sandalwood to a modern audience.

Heartwood’s product range includes skincare, perfume, incense, jewellery and aromatherapy; whilst ancient sandalwood rituals come to life within the Heartwood treatment rooms and sensory perfume bar.

Sandalwood partner - Melis

MELIS is the natural parfum experience that breaks new ground in longevity, quality, purity and value. The finest botanical extracts, essential oils, resins and absolutes, combined and curated to create intricate blends of pure ‘nectar’.

MELIS’ highly concentrated blends are a minimum 25% concentration of aromatic natural plant-based ingredients and are classified as ‘parfum’ as compared to an ‘eau de parfum’ (15-20% fragrance concentration) or ‘eau de toilette’ (5-15%).

An elevated natural experience, Sodashi takes a holistic approach to beauty that transcends skin care; it is a total experience that works to nurture the mind, body, spirit and emotions. Their extraordinarily unique formulas and exceptional ingredients deliver healthy radiant skin.