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THE royal tree,
The king of woods

A tree of rare majesty, Indian sandalwood has earned its place in history amongst kings, religions and ritual. Now, it makes its mark on modern wellbeing culture.

Sandalwood oil drop
Single sandalwood log cross section
Sandalwood woodchips product
Sandalwood powder
Sandalwood hydrosol

From Forest to Top Shelf

Distilled with decades worth of expertise and packed with α and β -Santalols, our sandalwood oil is blended to perfection for every need.

From Forest to Top Shelf

Rich, exotic, aromatic, our heartwood logs are sustainably harvested and tailored for your needs.

From Forest to Top Shelf

Luxuriously fragrant, our sandalwood woodchips are chipped by hand to minimise wastage.

From Forest to Top Shelf

Our extra fine powder brings only the finest of aromas and viscosities to your host product.

From Forest to Top Shelf

The by-product of the distillation process, our sandalwood hydrosol offers a gentle anti-inflammatory and calming disposition.

The many benefits of sandalwood

From fragrance to skincare, Indian sandalwood is a highly prized natural ingredient across a wide range of disciplines.


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Our vision for sustainably grown sandalwood is the inspiration behind
our innovation.

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